Types of Recycling Bins

Recycling bins or recycle bins are the containers used to collect and store the waste materials before they are moved to another place. There are different types of bins of different sizes and different colors. The colors indicate the type of waste the people segregate. Majorly blue or green bins are used for the recycling collection of wastes. This is marked with the universal recycle symbol with the different slogans.

Recycling bins are classified into different colors according to the type of waste.

Different types of recycling bins

Black or Grey Colored Recycling Bins

Black bins are seen in many streets of the UK, and many people do not have the awareness of using these black bins. The black bins are kept in the streets for the collection of waste that is not recyclable. The wastes which cannot be recycled like food wastes, household wastes like a jar lid, tins, empty cans, etc., are to be disposed of into the black bins. If you do not have any idea about the bins in the street, please ask your area in charge or you can explore it online.

Black color recycling bins

Blue Colored Recycling Bins

The blue recycle bins are used to collect dry wastes such as papers, cardboard, cards, and drink tins. The plastic wastes are not supposed to be disposed of on those black bins, because they can be separately collected for the recycling process. Thus, the blue bins are used for the collection of paper and metal waste materials. Some of the areas use red bins for this process, so please assure the use of bins. IF you are not aware enquire the local authority.

Blue Colored Recycling Bins

Red Colored Recycling Bins

Red bins are used to collect the plastic wastes separately. Some of the authorities use blue bins to collect plastics, but if you see a red bin, please use that for the plastic wastes such as plastic bottles, food trays, shampoo packets, cleaning product bottles, and yogurt pots. Not all plastic materials are manufactured by pre plastics, there are some plastic wastes like plastic carrier bags, plastic wrapping, hard plastics such as flowerpots, polystyrene, and black plastics which are non recyclable are to be disposed of only in black bins.

Red Colored Recycling Bins

Green Colored Recycling Bins

The green bins are used for the segregation of different types of waste in different places. The green bins are used to collect glass wastes, dry wastes, and food wastes. They can also be used for green waste segregation. You can dump all types of household wastes and food waste into the green bins. The wastes can be collected and converted into fertilizers for agricultural purposes and the emission of CO2 is also reduced by protecting the environment from pollution.

green Colored Recycling Bins

Yellow Colored Recycling Bins

The yellow-colored bins are used to collect the textile wastes such as clothes, bed linens, and towels. You can dump all types of cloth materials into the yellow bins. Usually, these types of bins are not placed in streets or homes. The yellow bins are available in the recycling Centre for the collection of bulky cloth wastes. In some places, these bins are in orange color and these can be easily identified by their unique aperture.

Yellow Colored Recycling Bins

Purple Colored Recycling Bins

Thus, the purple bins are new to the recycling process, these are not marked for separate collection of waste. It can hold waste like paper, glass, and food waste according to the place where it is placed.

Purple Colored Recycling Bins


There are different types of recycling bins are used all over the country and they are used separately for the collection of different wastes. They are clearly named to place the waste. If you are not aware of the bins, please contact the local council for information about the bins.

How Commercial Waste Clearance and Recycling Helps the Environment  

The commercial waste contains both the household and industrial waste as well. The commercial wastes are generated in an abundant manner in cities like London. The Care should be taken to dispose of the commercial wastes in an eco-friendly and safe manner. Commercial wastes may contain the plastic wastes, paper wastes, metal scraps, glass materials, rubber wastes, etc. Throwing off this kind of wastes in the water bodies and the agricultural land fields will cause the hazardous effect to the human health and the environment as well. The rubbish clearance companies will collect the waste material from the commercial areas and will dispose of the wastes in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

commercial waste

What is Recycling & Why is it Important?

commercial waste recyclingRecycling is the method to dispose of the non-decomposable materials in a safe way. Though recycling is not followed by all of us, it is the only method to dispose of the non bio-degradable wastes like plastics, metal scraps, rubber materials, glass materials, etc in a safe way. Recycling is the method used to convert the old waste materials into reusable materials. Recycling will produce the raw material which helps in the production of the original material. By recycling the commercial wastes from the business areas, domestic areas, etc, the environment can be preserved for future generations.

Commercial waste clearance and Recycling:

commercial waste clearanceCommercial wastes containing the materials like paper, plastic, metals, glasses are collected in a large manner from the sources. The collected wastes are segregated into decomposable and non-decomposable wastes. The segregated wastes are then sent to the recycling plant for reuse again. The materials like metal are melted in the recycling plant and used in the production again. Business people can do a favor for the environment by properly disposing of the wastes in an eco-friendly manner. Though its tough for every business people to concentrate on waste clearance. They can avail service from the best rubbish removal companies around them to dispose of the wastes safely.

The rubbish removal companies will actively involve in collecting the wastes from various sources and segregating them. Once the waste is segregated separately the waste clearance companies will send them to the recycling plant to reuses them again in the production. Thus the waste clearance companies will make sure that collected wastes from various sources are disposed of in a safe and eco-friendly manner.