Different Types of Commercial Wastes

The commercial wastes are categorized into different types based on the place where it comes from. Commercial wastes are the type of wastes generated from business places or commercial places or during any trading activity. The business may be related to education, sports, entertainment, medical, health care, devotional, and other commercial shops.  Commercial wastes are not the same as agricultural or domestic wastes because no business purpose is involved in both domestic and agricultural wastes.  So, it is important to separate the commercial wastes from the other wastes, so it may require a different disposal method. The green wastes from commercial places like hotels or restaurants are also categorized as commercial waste.

In general,  the rubbishes generated from the day-to-day activities of industrial and manufacturing units like mining plants, hospitals, wholesalers, retail shops, and other commercial places are considered as different types of commercial wastes. In simple words, the waste generated from the different commercial places is categorized as different commercial wastes.

commercial wastes

What are the different types of Commercial Wastes? 

The commercial wastes are classified as

  1. Biodegradable waste
  2. Chemical waste
  3. Electronic waste
  4. Demolition waste and
  5. Construction wastes

1. Commercial Biodegradable waste 

Biodegradable wastes are found in solid wastes like paper waste, food waste,  green wastes from commercial properties. The food wastes and green wastes from commercial places are also considered as commercial wastes. In Biodegradable wastes, the organic materials are split into carbon-di-oxide, methane, or water. Biodegradable wastes are used in the composting process to emit heat, fuel, or gas.

Examples of Commercial Biodegradable wastes:

Food wastes, paper wastes, sewage, hospital wastes, garden wastes from commercial places are some of the examples of commercial Biodegradable wastes. The biodegradable wastes are used as fertilizer, biogas, and compost.

2. Commercial Chemical waste

Commercial Chemical wastes are the wastes having harmful chemicals and toxins from commercial places like hospitals, manufacturing industries, and other commercial places. These wastes are considered hazardous waste. These chemical wastes need more attention and perfection in disposing of, otherwise, the chemical will harm the surroundings and environment.

Commercial chemical wastes

Examples of Commercial Chemical wastes:

chemicals used for research used batteries, medicines, solvents, products contains mercury, oil products and wastage from the cosmetic industries are examples of chemical wastes.

3. Commercial Construction waste

Mostly all construction wastes are considered commercial wastes. The waste generated from the construction process needs more care in waste clearance and disposing. Many waste management has a separate unit to clear the construction wastes.

Different types of commercial wastes

Examples of Commercial Construction wastes:

woods, metals, concrete, cement, glass materials, insulation, asbestos materials tiles, bricks, and ceramics are the common construction materials. The excess of construction materials is an example of commercial construction wastes.

Like we mentioned earlier, commercial wastes are not the same as domestic wastes, so they can be handled only by professional waste removal services. sometimes the commercial wastes are considered hazardous wastes due to the presence of chemicals from various commercial places.