How to handle kitchen waste recycling process?

Kitchen waste recycling is the process of recycling kitchen leftovers and food wastes. Kitchen waste is normally food waste, and the food is primary for all living things. Throwing off the food is an easy one but there are many people who do not have food even for one time in a day. Please, throw off only the waste materials like, eggshells, wrappers, banana skin, etc., Instead of throwing the waste food into a bin, collect that food and give it to the people who are suffering from the food, it will be a good manner and you will be blessed by those people.

Kitchen waste recycling

Home composting is one of the best methods to dispose of food waste which can be used as a fertilizer for your garden. There are many ways to dispose of our food materials like dropping the waste in a recycling center. According to statistics, it is shown that around 7 million tonnes of food waste is thrown into landfills by a family in the UK and most of that waste is eatables. It is increasing and now a family is wasting up to £700 a year by throwing the food materials

Food waste is dangerous in that it attracts insects easily and it will generate toxic chemicals and GHG which are harmful to the environment. so kitchen waste recycling is one of the best methods to overcome this situation.

Kitchen waste recycling

Compost the waste materials

Composting is one of the best methods to recycle food wastes. There may be many other methods, but composting can be done easily and effectively. The process needs a space according to the amount of waste segregated. You need to collect all the wastes and dump them into a dark place and leave for a week after some time the wastes gets decomposed completely and will be converted to a black colored material which can be used for agricultural purposes. The recycled waste acts as a fertilizer and you can grow your garden plants with this naturally made fertilizer.

Food composting

 Creative use of leftovers

The wastes can be recycled on your own in simple ways to reduce the cost, but you should do some different works. Some of the ways like rubbing the banana skin instead of the polish can reduce your regular chemicals. Some of the vegetables like cucumber, potato, and tomato cut wastes can be used to chill your eyes and you can free your mind with a little meditation and it refreshes your feeling and reduces your pressure. Peels from lemon, orange, and other citrus species can be used as skincare to protect your skin from unwanted germs.

food waste recycling

Waste-To-Energy (WTE) System

The process of conversion of waste into electrical energy is commonly known as Waste-To-Energy (WTE) system. This can be done in major power plants to produce high-pressure steam which helps the turbine to run maximum speed to produce emf the term which acts as electricity. This process is also called as Energy-From-Waste (EFW). This waste acts as a fuel that reduces naturally generated coal, which is generally in use. The coal mines will be reduced number if this way of energy-producing system run in major roles.


The food is wasted by each person who is responsible for creating many foodless people in this world. Please, utilize your food properly if you did not like your food, do not waste that by throwing it off in a dustbin, instead give that parcel to a person on your street side. If there is no such person in your area you can give that food to your own dog or any street dogs who act as security for your whole street.

How does recycling helps the environment?

We are aware of the three Rs Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and its benefits to the environment. Reduce is limits the usage of excess products and buy products only for the needy. Reuse is finding alternate options for using new products without purchasing the new one. Recycling is converting a waste product into the new one.  Let’s see how recycling helps the environment and what are the process involved in recycling

Importance of Recycling

Recycling protects our environment and preserves our resources. Check out the importance of recycling to our environment.

Economic growth

Recycling is a sign of the economic growth of the country. Recycling contributes to business expansion, revenues, new start-ups, health, and economic development.

Improves Human Health

Recycling reduces pollution in the air and water that helps to minimize health issues in humans like skin allergies, breathing troubles, viral diseases, etc.

Energy Conservation

Recycling plays a main role in energy conservation and saves energy

recycling process

Process Involves in Recycling

The recycling process involves three basic steps

Process 1: Collecting the wastes

The first step in recycling involves the collection of wastes to be recycled from various places. Collecting the wastes in a separate tin or cover helps to identify the material. Mostly all the waste bin has separate tins for composable wastes, non-compostable wastes, and recycling wastes.

Process 2: Processing Recyclables

Once the collection is done, allow the recyclables to the recovery process. The waste products are cleansed and processed into raw materials for some other manufacturing.

Process 3: Manufacturing

In the market, most of the products are manufactured with the raw material of recyclables. Even you also purchased the new products made of recycled things without your knowledge. Here is a list of products that contain recycled materials.

  • Paper bowls
  • Carpets
  • Ornaments
  • Plastic plates
  • Bags and wallets
  • Wooden cardboards
  • Steel vessels
  • Garments
  • Household decorative things

importance of recycling

What Products Should Be Recycled?

The following list is the common materials to be recycled for future products.

  1. Plastics products

Plastic products are the first enemy to the environment that brings various harm and pollution. It takes more time to decompose, so plastics scarps are recycling into useful products. Instead of recycling plastics avoiding the usage of plastic products is the advisable option to maintain our environment health.

  1. Paper products

Paper products are recycled into pulps and then turns into new paper products.

  1. Glass products

Glass wastes products are recycled without loss in their quality and strength. Recycled glass materials are used as the recipe for new glass manufacturing

  1. Metals

Metals like brass, aluminum, brass, iron, copper are recycled into scarps and used as raw materials for new metal manufacturing.

  1. Food Products

Food items are under rapid compost items. Food recycling has various benefits like biogas, feed for animals, and for gardens. Eggshells, vegetable peels are used as compost for house-hold plant growth.

Benefits Of Recycling Wastes In London

In London, the amount of waste generation is very high due to the increase in population. The waste materials like plastics, rubber tires, etc may cause very dangerous hazards upon burning them. The toxic smoke that comes out when burning the plastics and rubber tires may contain the chemical agent called dioxin.

waste recycling london

The dioxin has the direct effect on the human immune system, the effect of dioxin in the human bodies will cause many diseases like skin allergy and also other severe problems. As a human being, you should take care to protect the environment, thereby protecting yourself. Upon burning the plastic materials, the dioxin is produced which will deposit on the plants, crops in the agricultural fields and will enter into the human body as a food material.

waste recycling in london

In the wealthy cities like London, care should be taken to dispose of the hazardous wastes like plastic wastes, rubber wastes, glass materials, etc in a safe manner to both the environment and the human beings as well. The only way to dispose of the non-decomposable wastes in a safe manner is by recycling. The recycling is the strategy in which the old plastic wastes or metal wastes or glass wastes are crushed, melted and reused in the production again.

Though the amount of energy required to recycle the plastic waste materials is high than producing a fresh plastic from the raw materials, it is important to recycle the plastic wastes to dispose of them safely. As an individual, you may find it difficult to dispose of the plastic wastes, In this case, you can avail the waste clearance services from the professional rubbish clearance company in London to dispose of the non-decomposable wastes safely.

waste recycling

The rubbish clearance companies in London like Quickwasters will collect the waste materials from the various sources and will segregate them into the decomposable and non-decomposable wastes, The decomposable wastes are disposed of in an organic manner, whereas the non-decomposable wastes are sent to the recycling plants for reuse. In London, the rubbish removal companies are properly licensed to dispose of the wastes as per the rules and laws framed by the Government. Are you looking for rubbish removal in London, Then Quickwasters will be the right choice for you.


Interesting Facts About Recycling Wastes

Recycling is the only method to dispose of the non-decomposable wastes in a safe and eco-friendly way. Rubbish clearance companies will collect the wastes from various sources and will dispose of them in a safe and eco-friendly way.

recycling wastes

By recycling an aluminum can you can save energy. The amount of energy saved by recycling an aluminum can is capable of playing a music album on your iPod. By recycling about hundreds of used aluminum cans you can save energy which is capable to give energy for room lighting for a period of two weeks.

Anything can be recycled right from plastics to papers, The amount of energy that is generated by recycling the waste materials is more than 70% of what is being produced from the process.

Dumping of the plastic bags in the ocean will have hazardous effect on the living organisms. It is estimated that the dumping of plastic bags in the seas can kill up to 2 million sea creatures every year. Care should be taken to dispose of the plastics wastes in a safe manner.

waste recycling

It is estimated that more than 60% of wastes materials in the trash is not recycled. Proper recycling of wastes from the rubbish can solve the electricity crisis of the nation. In the most of the nations, the electricity crisis can be solved by the proper waste recycling mechanisms.

As you know that lots of waste papers are generated from the educational institutions, corporate offices, etc. A single ton of paper is produced by cutting around twenty-three trees. So by recycling the paper wastes, they can be reused again in the manufacture. Thus by recycling the paper wastes, you can save the environment by preventing the cutting down of trees.

Glass waste materials are the non-decomposable materials. A glass waste may take more than 4000 years to decompose. So these waste materials should be collected from various sources and should be sent to the recycling plant for reuse. While recycling the glass materials are crushed, melted and used in the production again.

recycling wastes

Thus to dispose of the non-decomposable wastes safely, it can be handed over to the waste clearance companies. The rubbish removal companies will collect the wastes from the various sources and will segregate them and will send it to the recycling plant for the reuse. Quickwasters is the right choice for rubbish removal in London.

Why Recycling in London So Important?

London is the busy city with a number of new business evolving each day. Also due to the increased population, the amount of waste production is also very high. The waste management in London is becoming tough day by day, In this case, bin pickers, waste landfills sites, litter pickers around the city literally will have the tough job to deal with. Waste management in these big cities should be taken care to avoid the hazardous effects in the future.

recycling in london

Recycling avoids landfills

Landfills are the method by which the bio-degradable wastes are dumped in large volume. This bio-degradable wastes are also processed by the compost method and converted into an organic manure or energy like gas, heat, etc. Landfills are the last place where the rubbish sit underground for long and long years. Recycling will convert the waste into the reusable material rather than dumping into the landfills. Recycling the waste materials will also help in the production of new materials. the disadvantage of landfills is that waste materials remain underground without degrading for many years.

recycling wastesThe waste materials like plastics, metal scraps, rubber tires, glass pieces are found in an abundant manner. These waste materials should not be thrown in public areas, water bodies, agricultural fields, etc. These waste materials should be disposed of in a safe and eco-friendly manner. The proper waste disposal is taken care by the waste clearance companies in London. The rubbish removal companies will collect the waste from all the sources, will segregate the wastes and also will send the non-decomposable wastes to the recycling plant.

recycle in londonThe waste materials like metal scraps are melted and used in the production again. Though the energy involved in melting the old metals is high when compared to the energy involved in manufacturing the metal from its raw materials. It is important for the industries to recycle the waste materials in order to preserve the environment. The waste collected from the various parts of the city are disposed of safely by the rubbish clearance companies in London.

Burning of plastic bags, PVC materials will produce the toxic smoke. This smoke contains the chemical agent called dioxin which is injurious to human health. The dioxin has the direct effect on the human immune system leading to various diseases. So to avoid all these hazardous effects, the waste clearance companies involve in the activities of collecting and disposing of the wastes safely in eco-friendly manner.


Benefits Of Recycling Non Biodegradable Materials

The Collection of waste materials from the various sources may contain both bio-degradable and non bio-degradable materials in it. These wastes are segregated separately to dispose of them in an eco-friendly manner. The wastes like plastics materials, glass materials, metal scraps, etc must be taken care to dispose of safely. the non-decomposable waste materials are sent to the recycling plants for reuse.

recycling plastics

Plastics materials and rubber tires are burnt in many cases as the manner of disposing of them. The smoke that is produced by burning plastics, rubber materials are more toxic to human health and the environment as well. The plastic smoke may damage the immune system, interfere with hormones and also may cause diseases like cancer. Burning the plastic releases dioxin, Dioxins are more injurious to human health and the plants as well, Dioxins will deposit on the crops and in the water bodies. If the humans intake the food containing dioxins, then it will directly affect the immune system. Carbon dioxide is enormously produced by burning the trashes, this has the significant effect in the ecosystem.

metal scrapThe safe way to dispose of the plastic wastes is by recycling. In this method, the non-decomposable plastic wastes are collected in a large manner and then sent to the recycling plant. The metal scraps are collected in a large manner and melted to reuse them in the production. In this method, the energy needed to produce metal from the raw materials is very less on comparing to melting the old metal scraps. Though it involves lots of energy consumption, it is only the efficient way to dispose of the metal scraps.

plastic recyclingWaste materials like rubber tires can be sent back to the retailers who will process it and use again in the production. The burning of the rubber tires will also produce toxic smoke which will have hazardous effect in the human health and environment as well.

The Waste Clearance companies will collect the waste in the large amount, They will also segregate the waste into decomposable and non-decomposable wastes. The biodegradable material is sent to the compost for organic bio-degradation. The organic bio degradable wastes are converted into energy like gas, heat or manure whereas the non-bio degradable wastes like plastics, PVC, metals are sent for recycling. The proper disposal of the wastes is taken care by the waste clearance companies. They will ensure that the disposal of wastes occurs in a safe and eco-friendly manner.