7 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Halloween

Halloween is the most fun time of year, filled with sweets and scary costumes. And no one can know how Halloween celebrations generate a high volume of plastic waste. So, how do you celebrate Halloween parties with less waste? Here we provide the best waste management tips for an eco-friendly Halloween.

The Top 7 Best Tips for an Eco-Friendly Halloween

1. Use Eco-Friendly Bags

Use Eco-Friendly Bags

Plastic bags have a harmful impact on your Halloween celebration. If you want to take control of your plastic waste, we recommend using eco-friendly bags. In the market, a variety of eco-friendly bags are available. Those are brown paper bags, tote bags, old handbags, pillowcases, and much more. Each year, one hundred million bags are thrown away by people. So, you can avoid this mistake when you are buying Halloween candies and gifts for your child.

2. Purchase Pumpkins Grown Locally

Purchase Pumpkins Grown Locally

Usually, all pumpkins don’t exactly fit into sustainable Halloween decorations. Once Halloween ends, both used and wasted pumpkins are directly sent off to landfills, where they release methane. And it’s dangerous for humans and the atmosphere. So, you can buy pumpkins from organic firms instead of buying supermarket pumpkins that are grown with toxic fertilizer.

3. Get Crafty

Get Crafty

Decorating is an essential process for everyone, but it also wastes your time. Halloween decorating gifts are mostly made from non-recyclable plastics. If you make an autumn look, use natural things like pumpkins and gourds. On the other hand, if you have old or broken gifts, then put them into the rubbish bin; otherwise, your gifts will easily become household waste.

4. Choose Organic

Choose Organic

Instead of buying plastic-wrapped candies and sweets, you can make homemade candies with natural ingredients without adding colours or artificial flavours. It is not only good for the environment but also reduces paper waste in your home. If you do not, alternatively, you can buy sweets from food brands which are becoming more environmentally conscious.

5. Conserve: Either Save or Donate

Conserve Either Save or Donate

On Halloween day, you can make sure to save your personal costume to be used again, either by you or by another family member. Alternatively, you can donate it to a local charity or roadside poor people. However, many people throw away their costumes once Halloween day ends. Due to that, landfill waste will increase.

6. Avoid Using Single-Use Plastic

Avoid Using Single-Use Plastic

Celebrating Halloween without plastic is awesome. But single-use plastics are necessary and unavoidable one of these days. So how to avoid small plastics, the smart solution is to use bamboo products and cotton-based products instead of single-use plastics like straws, cotton bud sticks, cutlery, and plates.

7. Go Reusable

Go Reusable

If you don’t have time to make or buy something new for Halloween, then try reusable things that you already have in your home. New elements will take out your pocket money. So, you can swap costumes with friends and family. If you would like to buy any new costumes, then find and buy sustainable and reusable costumes for future Halloween celebrations.


Now you have got some tips for controlling waste and protecting the environment during the Halloween holiday celebrations. We hope this article will help you celebrate an eco-friendly Halloween.

Happy Halloween!