Tips for Recycling your Christmas decors

Hark the herald angels sing;
“we should all recycle that thing;
Please the earth”, the angels cried;
“it’s easy with the Recycle This guide!”

christmas decors

Christmas is beckoning, the excitement is palpable; it is only a few days around the corner. From the gifts, the tasty meals, to the Christmas home décor, we have figured it all out. But have you taken a minute to think what you’ll do with all the décor and items you’ll find yourselves with once Christmas is over, once the festivities have passed? Well, it makes sense to do so. As a friend of this earth, you can embrace some easy, cheap, and very effective recycling tips that will go a long way in helping conserve the environment.

Gift Cards; in this festive season, you are bound to receive plenty of Christmas gift cards from friends and family. After Christmas, you can re use the same cards for other purposes. Besides, you can creatively use them by trimming their edges with shears and use them as gift tags come 2016. This not only is a great way to re use them, it also saves you some coins. Still, the cards can be used to make children toys with ease.

Christmas tree; often, the authorities go round homes collecting Christmas trees, for recycling. The trees may be shredded into bits and the bits then used in public parks and other such places. Never miss a chance to give your tree for such noble purposes, and leave it to wither and dry up in your backyard. You can also slash the Christmas tree when it is still green, and then use it for mulching. Once it has withered or dries up under a shade, you can use it to mulch the plants and flowers within your garden.

Gift Wrappings; although we all get excited when tearing off gift wrappers for our Christmas gifts, perhaps we should consider being a bit gentle! The same shiny and colorful gift wrapping for a Christmas gift, can be reused to wrap another gift the following year. Consider unwrapping your gifts gently, and removing the wrapper when it is as whole as possible. You can even wrap a gift next year using wrappers of a different color, from two different gifts, and still make the current gift look colorful and creative.

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