7 Tips For Residents In London To Keep Their Gardens Clean And Tidy During Summer 2017

Summer-waste-clearanceGardening is an ever evolving skill that has to keep changing depending on the season. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of your garden as the sunny weather provides the ideal conditions for flowers to bloom. In London, the warm conditions are for keeping your garden at its best by ensuring your plants get enough nutrients to sustain them during winter. While you are enjoying the summer holidays, here are 7 tips for keeping gardens clean and tidy during summer;

Water the plants frequently; the hot conditions can make the plants to loose moisture at a faster pace. Without adequate water, your garden will wilt. Try to water it early morning and in the evening to make sure all the plants have sufficient water.

Remove shade; long trees and fences can block the sun from reaching the plants which are closer to the ground. Create shade strategically in places you don’t want too much sunlight. Trim off any extra leaves as well as overgrown climbers to provide more sun penetration.

Watch out for insects and pests; the warm conditions provide the ideal environment for pests and diseases to attack your garden. Inspect your garden frequently. As soon as you spot one apply a chemical free product. Get rid of any wood or sticks to remove any hideouts for insects.

Add minerals and nutrients; use the sunny conditions to inspect any plants that might not be growing properly due to mineral and nutrient deficiencies. Add natural manure or a soluble fertilizer around unhealthy plants.

Retain moisture; even if you water your plants frequently when you don’t keep moisture in the soil, your plant will wither. The trick to retaining moisture is to add on the soil a loose layer of mulch which can consist of decaying plants, leaves and barks. By adding organic material, you will promote the gardens’ natural look, add nutrients and prevent moisture loss.

Take care of plants in pots; while some pot plants do not require direct sunlight to grow, during summer you can give them a boost of energy by facing the pots towards the sun.

Remove weeds; you don’t want your weeds and growing plants to compete for nutrients and moisture. Remove all weeds and rake dry twigs, leaves and trim the edges of your lawn. By keeping your garden clean and healthy, you will attract birds and butterflies which promote blooming.

Take a positive and comprehensive approach to keeping your garden healthy, clean and beautiful during summer.