5 Tips To Get Your Old Furniture Removed Before Buying New Furniture

There comes a time when you need to make a change in your home. You might want to move to a bigger or smaller space so the need to get of your old furniture comes up. Sometimes you might just want to make a complete change to your home to give it a new look. Whatever the reason, there will always be the question of what to do with your old furniture. Furniture takes up a whole lot of space in the home and its not as easy as just throwing it out with the trash. Disposing of it takes some thinking through. Luckily, there are quite a number of good ideas we can share when it comes to getting rid of your furniture. Depending on how quickly you want to get rid of it, you can decide to use one of the following 5 tips;

  1. You can choose to donate your old furniture

When considering getting rid of old furniture, you could consider donating it for reuse instead of throwing it away. Giving your furniture a second life by donating it is great for the environment and better yet, it will go to someone who actually needs it. You could choose to take it to the donation centre or venue or you can always arrange to have it picked up. There are many places that appreciate the gesture and would be happy to get your old furniture off your hands. Some charities also are happy to accept your old furniture and you will have put your old furniture to good use. Think about all the homeless shelters and thrift stores that would be happy to have your old furniture.

remove old furniture

  1. You can choose to sell or trade your old furniture

This might come as a surprise that the one thing you want to get rid of could be the exact item someone else might be looking for. So, don’t be so quick to take your old furniture to the landfill or throw it out. You might find someone willing to part with some cash to take it off your hands. Your old sofa might just be worth something to someone. There are plenty of online sites where you can place an ad at no cost and you might just find someone willing to buy what you want to get rid of. All you need to do is open an account, take a couple of good pictures in good lighting and then publish the ad. Be sure to price it reasonably so that you get it off your hands as quickly as possible. Another option is to trade it in for another item. There are many options online that allow you to trade what you want to dispose for something else you might want. Be sure to act with caution when it comes to online selling. You can choose to meet the person at a central location and bring a friend along. Remember to take the cash first before handing over your furniture to prevent getting fleeced and its important that safety is important, don’t share too much personal information with strangers.

  1. Rubbish removal services

tips to remove old furnitureWhen you’re thinking of residential waste clearance like disposing your old furniture, you have an option of letting someone else pick it up and dispose it on your behalf. There are a number of rubbish removal services that operate in your local area and they would gladly come and pick up your old furniture at a reasonable cost. They take care of everything; all you need to do is arrange a time for them to pick it up and share your location with them. They will do the rest; some recycle while others donate the items handed to them.

  1. Ask whether your old furniture can be hauled away

Sometimes, when you order new furniture or big appliances, the company delivering your furniture might be able to haul away your old furniture at no cost. So, when you have selected your new furniture, ask them whether they have a provision for collecting old or used items. They might just save you the trouble and hassle of looking for a way to get rid of your old pieces.

  1. Dispose of your furniture in a landfill

Sometimes your furniture might be so worn out that recycling or reusing it isn’t an option. There might be no other option that to take it to the landfill to dispose of it. Whatever the reason, find out whether the rubbish removal services in your area would collect bulky items. Can you put it out in the curb or might there be rules against disposing of bulky items? If you can put it on the curb for rubbish collection then all that is required is for you to move it from your house to the curb on collection day. If not, you can find out the location of the nearest landfill and find out when you can drop it off and any costs you might incur. Even you can get in touch with the house clearance company to sort it out.


With these tips, you can choose what works for you and you can get rid of your old furniture in no time.