Top Tips For Recycling In Schools

1.Position recycling points around your school

Put up recycling points in every room, do not forget non-teaching areas like the office, staff room and kitchen. Put rubbish bins and recycling points together so it is as easy as it is to throw something away.

2. Involve the right people

Get buy-in from your office school management team. Motivate teachers to lead by example and recycle as much as possible to encourage pupils to get involved. Set up a rota for emptying the recycling points. Ensure cleaning and support staff are informed and aware of how important their role is.       

 3. Raise awareness

For your recycling scheme to be successful, it is important for everyone in your school to have awareness on recycling. They should know exactly what to recycle and where to recycle it. Use awareness posters to encourage members of the school to recycle more and label recycling points and waste bins clearly to avoid the wrong things being put in the bins.

4.Keep it going 

Use recycling schemes as an opportunity for real life learning. Monitor your recycling scheme and investigate the reductions in recycling levels. Make sure you give regular recycling reports at assemblies and display the information on the notice board, to make sure everyone is clearly informed and motivated. Tell others about the successes, particularly to parents and local press and give praise to all teams involved.