How to turn your Kitchen waste into Compost?

Composting household scraps is one of the great ways to make something beneficial for your garden plants by reducing the regular kitchen wastes. Composting is the process of converting the kitchen waste into useful fertilizer for the garden, and the land where the composting takes place is the best place and the soil will be very pure for the cultivation. The successful composting process not only requires kitchen waste but also the components which contain carbon content.

Organic household wastes are high in nitrogen, and it is known as green materials and the green materials should be mixed with the brown materials to get a successful composting result.

Turn kitchen wastes into compost

Process of Composting

Choose the type of composting bin

The kitchen wastes are converted into rich fertilizers by the process of composting. For the composting process, you need an empty land which is used for agricultural purposes later or you can buy a new bin which is capable of preventing the heat energy. Heat is an important factor in the process of composting.

Alternate Layers

The wastes should be segregated in a flat surface and the wastes should be placed as a layer with a combination of green and brown wastes. The green and brown materials should be placed as an alternative layer.

Add Kitchen and Yard Waste

It is important to collect kitchen and yard wastes, which are used to mix with the green and brown wastes. The kitchen and yard waste is applied as a layer that should be above the layer of green and brown wastes. Collect the dry leaves if possible and apply them across the whole layer. Repeat the process until the bin is filled.

kitchen waste compost

Maintain the Compost Bin

To complete the process of composting quickly, it is important to check your bin and make sure that, the material inside the bin is fresh, and mix the materials from upper to lower. Mixing the wastes will reduce the odor and make the process faster.

Harvest the compost

The composting process will take up to six months according to the amount of waste you segregated. The wastes will be converted into fertilizer at the end of the process, the product will look black in color, and it smells like the earth soil. The composted fertilizer can be directly involved in the process of cultivation. The soil or land where the composting takes place will be eligible for cultivation and it is very pure with high mineral content. The microbes will utilize the nitrogen in the land which is harmful to the growth of plants.


Composting is one of the best processes to recycle your household food and garden wastes. Instead of throwing off the waste you can make use of that and make your own fertilizer. The process of composting should be done in a separate place like the garden area. It should be away from the living area because it produces a heavy smell that cannot be handled by humans.