What are the 7 Types of rubbishes?

Did you know your rubbish wastes are classified into more different types and they will be collected and dispose of in a separate way? Only a professional rubbish clearance company knows how to classify the rubbishes based on their nature.

Rubbishes and wastes are unavoidable ones that happen by the human’s day-to-day activity. The growth of the economy and industries led to increasing the possibility of rubbishes and wastes in a rapid manner. The wastes generated from the different zones are generally classified as residential wastes, commercial wastes, garden wastes, and medical wastes. Even though the rubbishes and wastes are classified into several ways based on the disposal method and the time taken to decompose.

Before knowing how to get rid of the rubbishes and wastes, understand the common types of rubbishes generated from different places.

types of rubbishes

The rubbishes are classified into seven types they are

  1. Household waste
  2. Hazardous waste
  3. Medical waste
  4. E-waste
  5. Recyclable waste
  6. Construction waste and
  7. Green waste

Household waste

 Household wastes are separated into two types of liquid household wastes and solid household wastes. The common household wastes are municipal waste collected by the big black bag. Household wastes are considered as general rubbishes that all our houses have like, food wastes, garden wastes, general garbage things. It may be liquid or in solid form.

Hazardous waste

Hazardous wastes are generally regulated by the local council and the hazardous wastes include medical wastes, chemical wastes, solvents, pharmacy wastes, that contain toxic and affect public and environmental health. So the local council takes measures to collect those wastes.

Medical waste

Medical wastes are produced by hospitals, clinics, and health care centers, etc. Medical wastes are not only found in health care centers but also sometimes found in the home. Medical wastes are also considered hazardous waste.

Electrical Waste (E-waste)

 E-wastes are wastes generated from electronic devices like computers, music players, telephones, and other household appliances. E-wastes may contain chemical and toxic like mercury, lead, and other toxic metals which are harmful to the environment.

what are the types of rubbishes

 Recyclable waste

 Recyclable wastes are the waste material that can be converted into usable material after recycling. These wastes are found in both commercial and residential places like plastics, glass containers, paper, and beverage cans.

Construction Waste

 Construction wastes are the bulky waste generated during construction and renovation. The construction wastes may include tiles, wood waste, plumbing waste, concretes, bricks, and paints.

Green Waste

 Green waste is the natural wastes from commercial, residential, and gardens. The green wastes include grass, weeds, leaves, branches, and other natural products.

To handle all the above wastes, you may require the guidance of a professional rubbish clearance service to handle all types of rubbishes and dispose of them in the right way.