Waste Management Tips for Commercial Premises in London

Rubbish collection Golders Green

Just like any other major city, London has its bylaws regarding waste management in any commercial premises. As a commercial premise owner, you are required by law to ensure proper waste management and disposal of the same. We understand that you may not have the knowhow on how to go about this, and this is where we step in. At Quick Wasters, we ensure that the waste you produce is disposed off in an environmentally friendly way. We encourage you to source our services as waste management should not incur more costs in the running of your business. For effective waste management we would like you to keep the following in mind:

  • Ensure that you are able to predict the amount of waste produced by your premise daily
    How much waste do you produce at your premise on a daily basis? This will determine the garbage collection plan. We collects rubbish on a daily basis; however, if you run a small premise and the garbage is minimal on a daily basis then the collection plan can be after every three days or once a week. At Quick Wasters we are tailored to meet your needs.
  • Find ways to reduce the amount of waste you produce
    This sounds like bad business advice from us, doesn’t it? It would be expected that We would advice you towards increasing the amount of waste produced, so that we benefit. However, some forms of waste production can be reduced to reduce on pollution, and over- exploitation of natural resources. For example you can decide to use less paper work and opt to transact online. We believe that the world is ours to protect.
  • Have separate collection bins for the different kinds of garbage
    Do you separate your waste at the point of production? We highly advice our clients to clearly label separate collection bins before we come to collect the waste. The bins should each cater for recyclable, unrecyclable and biodegradable materials. We are dedicated to ensure that waste is disposed off as required. Call QuickWasters for rubbish removal in London.