An Ultimate Guide to Zero Waste Living

Zero waste living is a style of living life that will result in reducing the amount of waste thrown by a normal human. If  Zero waste living can be lived by everyone in the world, then the environment will be unpolluted. There are many products in the stores which are non-pollutant and zero-waste that can be reused many times though it is expensive, it will be especially useful for the surrounding and the environment. Zero waste living will prevent the environment from the pollution of air, water, and landfills.

Bea Johnson, an environmental specialist, and nature lover who introduces a new methodology for zero waste living that is commonly known as Five R’s are Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot. Bea Johnson a US-based environmental Specialist and she is well known for her zero-waste living by reducing her annual pay and she is authorizing a book named Zero Waste home-The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying your Life by Reducing Your Waste.

zero waste living

Zero-waste living was made easy by using Five R’s.


Refusing may be a habit for many of us, but it is one of the methods which is helpful in reducing waste. Some daily waste like swag bags, plastic cups, straws, coupons, magazines, etc., can be refusable by everyone but many of people are not ready to avoid those materials. The materials which are harmful to our environment should be reduced to protect our surroundings and each our home. Always choose reusable ones to prevent yourself from producing one part of the waste.


Reduce using the products which are non-recyclable that will cost you more.  Always try to use recyclable and natural materials which are good for the health. Reducing will always a good habit to have for saving yourself from unwanted waste generation.

reduce reuse recycle


Reusing the products or your favorite materials will save the environment from waste generation. You can use old materials like laptops, mobile phones, and other electrical and electronic materials instead of buying a new one. If you throw off that it will be gone to landfill and generated as a waste, instead you can give your old products to the people seeking for that model. You can use online selling sites to sell your old products and you can make money easily.


Recycle is a common process that will reduce the rate of annual waste generation in the world. Recycling products can be used everywhere successfully but many of them avoiding it. The recyclable materials can save your money from buying the new one and it will be good as a new one too. So, it can save your own money, surrounding, and the environment.

recycling garden wastes


Yeah, it’s easy to compost the waste products yourself and it will give a little fun. You can use your garden waste materials for composting and another method of saving your money from the private campfire. IF your garden area is long enough you can bring up your own campfire in your home. You can use the waste materials for firing, and it will not hurt your neighbors too. But it should not contain plastics and toxic materials.