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Our Clearance Solutions for Year End


The end of the year means different things to different people. To some, it means the excitement of anticipating the New Year; to others it means a time to celebrate their achievements as the year lapses. However, to some, it means having waste and junk that has accumulated all year cleared from their premises. This is especially true for large commercial premises, or even homes that need to give their compound a facelift. At Quick Wasters, we are only too aware of this fact, and have come up with our clearance solutions for year end;

Commercial property; Clearing waste from a commercial property, including in offices requires a keen planning in order to make it effective and convenient for everyone. Seeing that offices may always be busy on weekdays, we advice our clients to consider having a flexible clearance company whose staff can be available on weekends, or in the evenings. What we do is that we provide our clients with recycled bins that are placed strategically around the premises. All employees are then requested to minimize littering, by dropping all their waste in the bins. Our bins have lids to reduce any foul stench from the waste, and we are even designing perfumed bins that will leave your office smelling nicely. We then pick the bins after every 2 days and leave you with other fresh ones. We are able to come even after work, so that we don’t inconvenience other employees.

• Home/ residential clearance; home clearance also requires special considerations, seeing that it is the place where you spend most of your time. As the year comes to end, you should make a point of having all junk and waste that has accumulated in your compound cleared. Our waste clearance solutions for homes include garden clearance. In other words, we don’t just collect the waste and junk littering your compound, we go ahead and trim any overgrown hedges within your garden, and basically leave the garden neat. Any waste that can be recycled, we always take it for recycling. Besides, we advice our clients on the need to utilize recycling, by making use of anything that can be reused.

In a nutshell, we are your partner of choice in as far as ending the year on a clean note is concerned. Regardless of the nature of the clearance, we have proved time and again to be equal to the task at hand.