Environment Agency Approved CBDU80874

The Garden Fence Disposal Guide

It is good to refurbish your garden every now and then, but how do you dispose of the waste that you build up during the process?

Garden refurbishment does not just include maintaining a lawn or plants. There are other things that may need attending to which could be paving, driveways or garden fences. This will produce some waste that will not be able to go in your normal weekly collection bin.

Garden tasks that will produce green waste will be cutting back bushes and trees, cutting grass or soil which can all be recycled or reused in some way.

If you are having a fence repair, you  will need to know what to do with the old wood. Here are five quick tips of what to do and what not to do with the old fence panels.

1. Dont break it up and throw it in the bin as you local council will not accept this and it will not be taken away.

2. Try to be creative and use the wood for something else in th garden or around the house if it is not too damaged. You can get some ideas here.

3. Do not burn the wood as this can be dangerous. Apart from annoying your neighbour, the wood may be treated with chemicals and release toxins in the air

4. Contact your local council to see if they provide a recycling service. They may be able to advise where you can take your items for safe disposal. You will need transport for this thouh

5. Lastly, you can hire a local and reputable rubbish collection service to come and take away your unwanted items so you know that you waste will be dealt with in a safe, law abiding and ethical way.