Environment Agency Approved CBDU80874

Tips to Manage Food wastes

Food wastes are one of the major problems for the environmental health that is not consider as an important issue and even local council does not speak more about the food waste. Food wastes are not only a costing problem it has more negative impact for the environment in several aspects.

Buying so much from your supermarket and storing it in your fridge and kitchen cabinets will be outdated in few dates, the excess of food and outdated food products in your cupboards are consider as the food wastes.

If you are homemaker or running a café or restaurant, you should be aware more about how to reduce the food wastes and what are methods helps to prevent the food wastes.

What is food waste?

The food products which you bought from the market and the foods which you prepared are not being eaten in a right time are named as food wastes.

In other terms, the food products, which is produced on certain food industry or cultivated in any farms does not meet the standards of quality like shape, color, taste or if it gets rotten before reaching the market, then it can be thrown in any open space.  Some markets started to sell those products for a cheap price.

How to reduce food waste

Even in supermarkets, the food products get outdated because of overstocking are also consider as food wastes.

Food waste also happen in your home cooking due to the buying of too much of fresh foods and not using the food before the expiry date and cooking excess of foods.

Why food wastes are bad to environment?

You simply throw the food wastes in the bin without realize how the food wastes are bad to environment health.  The food which you thrown on a bin are collected as a general waste and if it reaches a landfill, its beings to release methane to the air. Methane is a gas extremely affects green house by creating a global warming.

Food waste are not only bad to your environment, but it also burns your money. Throwing a food into the bin are same as throwing your money.

What foods gets wasted easily?

Baked food products are the most wasted food being thrown to the bin. Next to the baking products, your farm foods play extra roles in food wastes.

Milk products and farm fresh eggs will last for only a few hours and it will easily get waste if not consumed in a time.

The fruits and vegetables are also playing major roles in food wastes. More than 1 million rotten apples are thrown away due to the improper storage.

Food Waste Reduction

How to reduce Food wastes?

Reduce the food wastes not only benefit for your environment, it also saves money in your wallet!

 Here are some suggestions for Food wastes reduction: 

  1. Write a shopping list and track the usage of food products.
  2. Plan your meal and cook for your need.
  3. Store your foods products in a proper manner.
  4. Recycle your Food wastes.
  5. Distribute the excess foods to some charity and feed the hungry stomach instead of throwing it to bin.