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Upcycling of furniture

Upcycling is the new catch phrase when it comes to everything DIY. It has been practiced for many years but it was given this catchy term only a few years back. For anyone who might not be bed made out of pallets familiar with the term, upcycling is the art of turning anything old and unusable into something new and fresh by adding a bit of flare. Whether it’s turning your old tires into a garden table or giving your old couch a wonderful facelift, the options are too many to consider when it comes to upcycling furniture.

Here are reasons why you should upcycle

  • We all have items we don’t use and would like to throw away

    Over the years, we accumulate lots of items we don’t use and it gets to a point where we need to clear out old items to create more room for the new. Instead of throwing items away and buying new furniture, how about turning it into a home DIY project?

  • It’s a great DIY project, for your friends and your family

    Every once in a while, you might feel the need to channel your creative juices to something you can engage all your senses in. This is where upcycling comes in. Whether you want to take it up yourself or involve family and friends, it’s a great way to get people around you to bond, take part in a fun project and spend time together.

  • Preserves the environmentUpcycling of furniture

    This is one great way to preserve the environment! A lot of furniture is too bulky to be reused or recycled so it ends up taking up loads of space in landfills and dumps. Upcycling helps you make use of your old furniture and making something useful, beautiful and practical which you can use in your everyday life

  • It’s a great way to revamp your home

    Adding a new piece of furniture to your home or garden is a sure way to spruce things up. Whether it’s giving your cushions a facelift, or whether you choose to paint an old piece of wooden furniture, it will definitely change the appearance of the piece and give the room a whole new look and feel.

  • It saves you cash

    Upcycling is a great way to revamp your home at minimal cost. Sure you might need to buy some material or tools but the cost is extremely low in comparison to having to purchase new furniture.


Upcycling is a fun, creative and wonderful way to recycle your furniture and turn it into conversation pieces. Involve your friends and family and make it a memorable DIY project you will hold dear for years to come!