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Waste Management Facts and Tips

The generation of wastes is increasing with the increase of population, technological growth, and the increase in the number of products. We all know that waste is generated from the products we are using. So, reducing the unwanted products will reduce the wastes and it saves your money. Try to live in a non-polluting environment this will make you huge fame, and it will induce your relations, friends, and neighbors too. As a single man, you cannot change your environment, but the things which are in practice daily will make a huge change in the future. As your followers will also be a part of the change you try to make. Proper waste management will prevent the environment, surrounding, and human health, and here are some of the waste management facts you need to follow.

Waste Management Facts

Waste Management Facts You Do Not Know

  • All are aware of recycling but, do you know who introduced the technique first? They are Japanese, in 1031 the Japanese people recycled the used paper and sold it for costs.
  • Plastic wastes are generated everywhere, but it is shown that a family house is generating more than 40Kg of plastic wastes every year globally.
  • In the UK the electrical and electronic wastes are generated infinitely, among them 25% of the types of equipment are good and can be recycled and reused. But people are not following that.
  • Over 7 million tons of food and drinks are wasting each year, where more people do not have their one-time food. It costs up to $734 million.
  • The First Rubbish Removal Service was established in the early 20th Century with the horse and cart.
  • In 1875, it was declared that every house should have its designated trash bins according to Public Health Act.
  • Though there are more recycling centers and methods, every year the waste generation is increasing by 3% more than last year.
  • Papers are the wastes that are recycled more than any other wastes. Especially, in the UK 3% of paper materials are recycled.
  • The power required to recycle a glass bottle can run a laptop for 25 minutes.
  • An 83 Kilometers is thrown away during Christmas each year by US people. It is enough to wrap the whole Guernsey and more.
  • Over 50% of the renewable energy sources come from the gas produced in landfills.
  • If the spotted landfill is reached its capacity, then will turn for the process of compost. The result of the process will give a pure land for agriculture and cultivation.
  • Nappies used for a single child in the US will be over 3500, all are thrown or dumped into landfills, and they cannot be recycled too.
  • Before aluminum was introduced, tin cans are used, and which will take 50 years to decompose.

proper waste management tips


Yet, there are more, and funny waste management facts are available. In, this article we have disused enough and limited time facts. It will be nice to read but difficult to follow. If you are worried about the wastes available in your streets or home, then hire professional waste removal services. As the experts will have the idea of disposing of all the wastes differently. They will collect your wastes in less charge and dispose of the wastes safely.